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Weekly Update – 38 weeks! October 15, 2010

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How far along?:  38 weeks!  Only 2 weeks to go!  And 14 days!!  Let’s all hope I don’t make it there.  🙂

Maternity clothes:  Loving my big jeans still.  And today, as you will see in the photos below, I am wearing the cute cotton tank J got me for Mother’s Day this year.  It fits now!

Stretch marks:  Still the same ones under the belly button.  😦

Sleep:  Why is it that I always get thirsty at night?  I seriously can’t resist a huge glass of water.  And then I pay for it dearly by waking up every three hours or so.  Maybe this is God’s way of getting me used to waking up for feedings in the middle of the night.

Best moment this week:  My coworkers threw us a baby shower this week!  It was on Tuesday and J came over to the office for it.  It was so sweet of them!  A bunch of them went together to get us some of the big stuff on our registry, including our mattress!  It’s so nice to have all that taken care of.  And I got my Moby Wrap.  Oh I am so excited about that!

We also got an awesome fruit basket from our pals Eunice and Mike last night.  It was so sweet and thoughtful!  I ate a banana from it this morning.  And I have an Apple Pear in my lunch.  I’ve never had one of those, so looking forward to trying something new!  And there’s mango in there too, so I’ll have to dig into that later!!

Worst Moment this week:   Still being pregnant when I woke up this morning…  🙂  Honestly my memory is a little shot right now, so I can’t think of a worst moment.

Movement:  Baby has slowed down considerably cause it is getting super duper crowded in there.  But I’m still feeling it every now and then.  Especially when baby wants to stretch out and jams his or her little tushy right up into my rib cage.  What a sweetie.

Food cravings/aversions:  I’d really like a nice, juicy filet mignon right now.  Oh man that sounds so good!  J was talking about maybe taking me out on a date tonight, so I think I may request somewhere with red meat.

Belly Button in or out?:  Still getting flatter and flatter.  Creepy.

What I miss:  Hopping out of bed.  Ya know, just jumping right out.  Without having to wind up first.  Also, rolling over in bed without looking like I’m wrestling an alligator.  (The alligator in this scenario is my body pillow.)

What I am looking forward to:  LABOR.  I know, I won’t be loving it once it starts, but I’m looking forward to getting this gimondo baby out.  And we have two more classes this weekend, one for CPR & First Aid, and one for Baby Care.  So here’s to hoping we can put J’s “what to do with a choking baby” fear to rest.

Milestones:  Baby is ready.  Soooo ready.  He or she is huge.  The head is engaged.  Mom is 3cm dilated and measuring more like 39 weeks.  Baby’s just packin’ on the pounds in there.  And maybe finishing some last minute details.  COME OUT BABY!  WE WANT TO MEET YOU!!!

Symptoms:  Oh my achin’ bacon.  My back has been killin’ this week.  I’m also all sorts of exhausted.  Not even really in the mood to nest.  I just don’t have the energy for it.  Ah well, whatever still needs to get done can be finished after the baby is here.  So I’m going to relax.

From the front. Notice the top J gave me for Mother's Day. What a sweet guy.


The Bump from the side. It just keeps growing.


And the bump in all its glory.


Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous weekend!  If I happen to cross your mind, just shout out a little prayer that I’ll go into labor.  🙂


Weekly update – 36 weeks!! October 1, 2010

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How far along?:  36 weeks!  Only 4 weeks to go!  And 28 days!!  And we are now in the month of October!  Could very possibly be baby G’s birth month.  How very exciting!

Maternity clothes:  I have a couple of really fun winter-ish outfits that I would absolutely love to wear, but it’s still too hot outside.  😦  When will Denver realize it’s Fall?  When will the chilly breezes come?  And when will the snow get here?  I really want to wear my cute outfits!  And my F-Ugg boots.

Stretch marks:  Ok, they have finally made an appearance.  My stomach finally gave in this week and I have a couple of light stretch marks on the underside of my belly.  I guess that would be the place I would pick for stretch marks, considering they’ll always be covered by chonies or pants or swimsuit bottoms.  But I’m still sad about it…  BUT I’m also happy that my body gets to do this wonderful thing called pregnancy, so if stretch marks are a part of it, bring it on.

Sleep:  Oh my word.  Refer to my sleeping post from earlier this week and multiply that by every night of sleeping this week.  I can’t believe how many times I’ve woken up just to turn over or go potty.  Me so sleepy.

Best moment this week:  J and I got to take our babymoon last weekend and it was so fun!  We went up to the DoubleTree Hotel in Denver (I had a gift certificate for a 2 night stay) and we just plain relaxed!  Oh it was the best!  We took time to just hang out together.  We slept in, went to breakfast, took naps, watched cable TV, walked around Denver, and did NOTHING for two whole days!  Speaking of watching TV, I have to admit we watched Jersey Shore and oh my word at the crazy on that show.  That’s all I’m going to say about that. 

Another best moment: being remembered by all of my Rancho Cucamonga friends!  A few of them got together and bought J and I a bunch of stuff from our registry.  I could not believe my eyes at all the fun in the box!  Our monkey bouncy seat, our lamp, our mobile, some socks, a wipes case, a themometer…  It was like having our very own baby shower with them, except they weren’t actually in the room.  But they were in my heart (I’m a cheeseball) and the whole thing just made me smile.  And I also teared up a little.  Because what’s a pregnant woman to do?

And another great moment:  I’ve been looking for a dresser for the baby’s room for FOREVER and just haven’t found the right thing.  I’ve been to garage sales and found nothing, been to WalMart and Target and Babies R Us (where everything is either too expensive or a piece of rickety ol’ junk), and looked all over craigslist (where people think that just because they say “antique” in the post means that they can charge $400 for their piece-of-crap-ugly-210-pound-teal-and-mauve-dresser-with-oval-mirror-on-top) to find just the right thing.  Finally yesterday I came across a post for two different dressers that were listed in the same town as us, but there was no picture.  I knew I might be wasting my time, but I wanted to check it out to see if it would work for us.  Because the guy was only asking $20 each!!!  And you all know how I love a good deal.  So my huge, hunky husband and I met him at his house after work to check them out.  We looked at the white dresser first, considering that it’s the color of most of our baby furniture, but it was a little big.  So then we checked out the blue/gray dresser and it was PERFECT!  It needs a little work (couple of nails in the back, some sanding, painting) but it will be so cute once we paint it white!  And the guy only asked for $10 for this dresser!  What a huge blessing to have that marked off our list.

It will fit in with the rest of the room perfectly!

Worst Moment this week:   While we were on our babymoon, J got me sick.  He had had a stomach bug since Thursday, but it wasn’t affecting him too much.  I got it late Saturday night.  And my system decided it was time to clean itself out.  So for Saturday night and all day Sunday I needed to be within a 30 second walk to the toilet at all times.  But then it was over for me.  J has had it for about a week, and he’s finally getting over it now.  Poor guy.

Movement:  Not a ton of movement this week.  Nothing to be worried about.  It’s just getting really tight in there for baby.  Still getting enough kick counts in, so no worries!

Food cravings/aversions:  Sugar.  Anything sugary.  I’m just loving candy and all sorts of things.  And I’m actually kind of craving it!  I hate that.  I know it’s not good for mom or baby, but sometimes I just can’t help myself and I give in. 

Belly Button in or out?:  Still getting flatter and flatter.  Creepy.

What I miss:  Sleep this week.  Yes, glorious sleep.

What I am looking forward to:  Ultrasound next week!  Also, baby being born.  Really looking forward to that.  And I’m really excited my mom will be out here in 26 days!  Can’t wait to have her here.  And hoping she’ll make me her homemade bran muffins!  Yum!

Milestones:  Most of baby’s systems are pretty well perfected by now.  From what I understand, baby is slowing down in the growth area and storing up energy for his or her big day of arrival!  Baby is probably around 6 lbs. already!  And he or she gains about an ounce a day. 

Symptoms:  Carpal tunnel, I hate you.  Also, I have this pregnancy rash on my belly.  It’s not itchy (thank goodness) but it is kind of yucky looking.

And now for some pictures!

The front.


To the side. J cut off my part of my head here.


And another side. Would ya look at that thing?!


Weekly Update – 34 Weeks! September 17, 2010

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How far along?:  34 Weeks!  Only 6 weeks to go!  And 42 days!!  It seems so unreal that I’m already here.  And at the same time I keep thinking, “When is this going to END?!”

Maternity clothes:  You can see my lovely “bigger” maternity jeans in my pics below.  Also, if you’ve noticed a pattern that I wear this pink shirt a lot in my photos, it’s not because it’s my favorite or I love it so much (although I do really like it), it’s because it’s tight and shows off my belly the best.  Some of my other shirts make me look bigger than I am because they’re baggy.  But I think this one makes for a pretty accurate picture.

Stretch marks:  Still no stretch marks!!!  I can’t believe it.  But I’m not getting my hopes up about not getting them.  I know I’ve still got more growing to do. 

Sleep:  I have been waking up EVERY morning sometime between 2-3am to use the facilities.  It’s weird that it’s taken on such a pattern.  I’m almost always up right at 3am.  Kinda creeps me out.

Best moment this week:  J and I attended our first baby class through our hospital.  Breastfeeding.  Needless to say, J was really looking forward to it.  Ha!  Yeah right.  I wish you all could have seen the look on his face when the instructor announced she was about to start our first video.  🙂  But it was super duper informative and I’m really glad we went to it.  I never realized how much goes into that whole thing.  AND, every woman there had her significant other with her, with the exception of one, whose husband was traveling for business.  So I’m really grateful to my ever supportive husband who went with me. 

Worst Moment this week:   Yesterday I received a special gift in the way of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I must have had somewhere around 20 of them.  And they each lasted a minute or two.  They don’t hurt, but they are super uncomfortable.  Nothing to worry about unless they develop a pattern (mine didn’t) but they’re a real pain in the neck… or uterus.

Movement:  Getting more movement in the mornings and late evenings these days, as opposed to all throughout the day.  And I can feel baby anytime I touch my stomach because he or she is so big now.  That’s fun!

Food cravings/aversions:  Can I get some Yogurtland?  Yes please.  I want it all the time, though I rarely get it because it’s more than a 5 minute drive AND there’s always crazy loud teenagers there.  My WONDERFUL friend Kelly got me a gift card there as part of my baby shower gift, and I’ve only used half of it so far.  But I think I might have to use that puppy this weekend.  By the way, do not go for the Blood Orange Tart.  It’s gross.  Reminds me of chewable orange Vitamin C.

Belly Button in or out?:  Still getting flatter and flatter.  Creepy.

What I miss:  I realized while sitting on the floor last night that I can’t bring my knees up to my chest anymore.  I’m sure this has been the case for a while, but I tried it without thinking last night and I really can’t do it.  Also, I can’t lie on my stomach.  Hate that.

What I am looking forward to:  Ultrasound in a couple of weeks!  And J and I are going on a two night babymoon soon!  It’s like a honeymoon for pregnant couples.  We’ll still be in town, but we’re going to stay in a hotel and sleep in and spend some good quality time together.  So fun!

Milestones:  Baby is gettin’ huge.  Close to 20 inches.  Hovering around 5 lbs.  If it’s a boy, his testicles are descending into the scrotum.  And baby’s fingernails are reaching the tips of the fingers now, so I’d better invest in some good clippers.  Also, babies born between 34-37 weeks generally do fine as long as there are no other health issues, so that’s a fun Friday fact for ya!

Symptoms:  That whole numbness of the hands thing is beginning to drive me crazy.  I have it every morning in my right hand, and I get it while sitting at my computer all day too.  Booo.

And here we go with the photos for the week


Awww, hi baby!


Look at the size of that thing! (It's like an orange on a toothpick!) And for those of you who didn't get that reference, it's from So I Married an Axe Murderer. Definitely worth a rent from Blockbuster.


Weekly Update – 32 Weeks! September 3, 2010

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How far along?:  32 Weeks!  Only 8 weeks to go!  

Maternity clothes:  I’m growing out of a few of my maternity clothes.  But I still have a few that are too big for me, thank goodness!  

Stretch marks:  Still no stretch marks!!!  I can’t believe it.  But I’m not getting my hopes up about not getting them.  I know I’ve still got more growing to do. 

Sleep:  I am so excited to sleep in tomorrow.  I’m going to go to bed at a decent hour tonight, and I’m not going to get up until my body can’t stand to be in bed anymore.  Oh such a great feeling to sleep in!  This week has been ok, but all those crazy pregnancy dreams keep my mind running around all night, so I don’t feel very rested when I get up. 

Best moment this week:  J’s parents rolled into town on Tuesday evening!  It’s been so great having them here.  And they brought us a wonderful gift!  It’s a baby rocking chair!  It was J’s Aunt Cheryl’s rocking chair when she was a little girl, and it’s just beautiful.  It’s been so well taken care of, and it’s solid wood.  They don’t make ’em like they used to, and this chair is proof positive of that.  

J’s parents have also been working really hard to get a lot of home projects done.  It’s been so nice to come home from work the past couple of days and find that the mudding and taping is done, the baseboards are painted, the holes in the wall have been patched, my kitchen is clean, etc. etc. etc.  What a wonderful blessing! 

Worst Moment this week:   Not much to share this week.  Things have been mostly patched up with my coworker.  All this crazy dreaming is killing my energy though. 

Movement:  Oh yes there is movement!  It used to be that baby would swim around in there and bounce all over the place like a pinball machine, but now it’s more of a jab here, a kick there, and a full body stretch (ouch!) every once in a while. 

Food cravings/aversions:  Of course, the eggs.  Oh the eggs.  Other than that, chocolate, protein, and whole grain toast.  My only picky foods are ones that aren’t cooked or seasoned well, or things that have been sitting in my fridge for a while.  I guess that’s a good aversion.  Nature’s way of saying old food may not be the best choice.  🙂 

Belly Button in or out?:  Still getting flatter and flatter.    

What I miss:  I miss bending over easily.  It’s not that I can’t bend over, it’s that it’s SUPER DUPER uncomfortable when my tum-tum gets squished between my legs and my chest.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to work around that thing. 

What I am looking forward to:  Finishing more projects this weekend!  We will probably get done with the baseboards on the main floor, the texture on the walls in the basement bedroom, and probably even some painting.  Yay for finishing projects!  And once we’re done with the basement, we can start on getting the nursery organized.  No real work to do in there, just fun organizational and set-up stuff!  

Also looking forward to Church in the Park this Sunday!  Our church does this every year where we meet in a local park instead of the regular building.  It’s just so much fun! 

Milestones:  Baby’s skin is now turning more and more opaque because the chunky fat has filled him or her out!  He or she is about 4 lbs and about 17-19 inches long.  Baby has toenails and fingernails (hope baby doesn’t try to scratch his or her way out!) and even some real hair too!  I think baby is in the head down, bottoms up position (which is the best one for birth) because whenever he or she hiccups I always feel it down low in my belly.  So yay for that!  I’ll have my next Dr. appt. on Wednesday. 

Symptoms:  Chub-a-lub belly.  Tired.  Crazy dreams.  Not being able to paint my own toes cause of the uncomfortableness of it all. 

And would ya look at this belly! 

I feel like I'm posing for a "first day of school" picture here.

From the side. Just look at that bump!

And there's the bump in all it's glory.

It’s been so fun to be able to look back at all the bump pictures and see how much I’ve grown!  Hope you are all enjoying this peek into my life too!  🙂


Weekly Update – 28 Weeks! August 6, 2010

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How far along?:  28 weeks!  12 more to go!  Today is the first day of the third trimester.  Oh my goodness! 

Maternity clothes:  I washed my maternity jeans this week, and now they’re just a little snug.  Ohhh, so not a good sign.  

Stretch marks: Had a little scare this morning!  I thought I saw two stretch mark lines coming out of the top of my belly button, but I wasn’t sure.  I prayed against them, then I got dressed and did my makeup and then checked again, and they were gone.  I swear, God loves me enough to make my stretch marks disappear.  It’s amazing. 

Sleep:  So sore.  So tired.  So tossy-turny-changey-positioney all night long.  But it’s not that bad yet.  I’m still expecting it to get much worse.   And at least it’s still very easy for me to fall asleep. 

Best moment this week:  J’s birthday was this week!  We celebrated by going to dinner at Illegal Pete’s (it’s sort of like Chipotle or Qdoba, but better and with more options) after work.  We both got a burrito and then we ended dinner with the Sopapillas, which were DELICIOUS!!  The perfect treat to end dinner.  

Then we went home and J opened his birthday gifts from me.  I got him some Keens shoes (which he had opened the week before so he could take them camping), a gift certificate to a smoke shop (which he used that night to buy a really nice, expensive lighter), and a gift certificate for a two night stay at a nearby Double Tree hotel, which we will use soon for a baby-moon.  🙂  Can’t wait for that! 

Worst Moment this week:  Not really a worst moment this week.  Maybe being forced to chug that nasty orange drink at the Dr. office yesterday.  But it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. 

Movement:  Lots of movements, and it’s fun to watch my stomach move around with them!  Movements are definitely getting more and more powerful.  Doesn’t really feel like a tickle or a poke anymore.  More like a baby punch or baby roundhouse kick to the side.  It’s not bad at all yet, but I’m really wondering what the future will hold with all this movement. 

Food cravings/aversions:  I love hard boiled eggs and WATERMELON!!  Yum!  

Belly Button in or out?:  Just getting flatter by the day. 

What I miss:  Mmmm, this week it’s gotta be caffeine.  I know “they” say you can have a cup of coffee everyday, but I just don’t know if I agree with that.  I have a blood brain barrier to protect me, but my baby doesn’t yet.  So I’d better just skip it all together. 

What I am looking forward to:  J and I are going out tonight to celebrate his birthday big-time style!  We’re going to the WaterCourse (our all-vegetarian go-to restaurant) for dinner.  Can’t wait for the Seitan Buffalo Wings!!!  Then we’re going to go see Inception at the movies!  We don’t get to see many movies because the cost isn’t really worth it to us, so this is a real treat!!!  

And next Friday I will finally get a haircut.  I am really, really looking forward to that! 

Milestones:  Baby is blinking this week!  Yet another skill he or she will need in the real world.  And baby’s sleep now includes the REM cycle, which means he or she can dream.  I wonder what babies in the womb dream about.  Mom and dad’s voice?  Gas bubbles?  Heart beats?  The taste of new and different foods via amniotic fluid? 

Another wonderful milestone is that the lungs are almost fully developed this week.  They’re still not completely ready, as there’s no surfectant in them to help them open and close properly.  But they’re ready enough that we have a very good chance of survival if baby were born now.  And that’s good news to my ears!  

Symptoms:  I’m going to have to say lower back pain again this week.  I started wearing low heels on the advice of a co-worker, and that seems to really help!  I was very surprised, but I think it’s working! 

The good news is that my energy level has picked up considerably.  I think it’s because I’m taking an iron supplement.  I found a great one at Vitamin Cottage that’s a whole-food, all-natural supplement.  Supposedly it’s not supposed to cause constipation or any of the other unpleasant side effects that usually come with iron.  And it seems to be working! 

And now for some belly pics! 

From the front. Check out that flat belly button.


From the side. The bump is so much bigger now!


Whoa mama!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

And if you haven’t done so yet, answer the poll!!


Weekly Update – 24 weeks! July 9, 2010

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How far along?: 24 weeks!  So I’m in the midst of my 6th month.  Only 16 weeks left to go!

Maternity clothes: Still loving the maternity clothes.  And still loving the normal clothes that stretch so I can fit into them! 

Stretch marks: Still none spotted yet, thank God! 

Sleep:  Definitely did not get enough this week.  There were a couple of nights I stayed up a little later than normal.  And J had a flare up of THE GOUT this week (too much red meat and beer on the 4th of July) which kept him awake all night on Tuesday, which kept me awake all night on Tuesday.  So yes, I will be taking a couple of naps this weekend.

Best moment this week: Our house was a wreck last night when I got home.  A total wreck.  J had stayed home from work for 2 days because of THE GOUT and he wasn’t in any shape to clean because of his foot.  And I was just plain tired.  So our house was a mess. 

I didn’t get home until 7:oopm because I stayed late at work, so I had 2 hours to make dinner, eat dinner, and clean the house last night because we have friends coming over tonight.  So I went upstairs and changed and went back downstairs and started doing some of the piled up dishes from the week.  And I started crying.  Real bad.  Just bawling my head off.  I just felt totally overwhelmed and (did I mention?) tired. 

J hobbled downstairs on his gouty foot and hugged me and asked what was wrong and I just explained how I felt totally overwhelmed.  And he immediately started hobbling all around the house picking up the living room, clearing off the dining room table, taking all our basement remodel supplies downstairs, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping the floors, and even cleaning the bathroom!!!  It was just so sweet of him to hobble around for me.  If you’ve ever had THE GOUT real bad, you know this was a really big deal.  So I finished doing all the dishes and then he even helped me dry them and put them away.  Then I made dinner and we ate together. 

After dinner J asked me to get him a popsicle out the freezer.  I got up and grabbed the last one for him and brought it over and sat back down.  He immediately stood up and walked hobbled back over to the freezer and pulled out one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind: Frozen Yogurt from Yogurtland.  (For all you CO peeps, it’s self-serve just like in CA, and it’s on the southwest corner of University and Dry Creek!)  Apparently, when he asked me to get him the popsicle, he thought I’d see the frozen yogurt in there.  He had gotten it earlier in the day (he had a scheduled dentist appt. for a crown) just for me because he knew I was having a tough week.  Oh my word, that just really made my day and made me want to cry all over again.  What a sweet and thoughtful husband I have!  I feel so blessed.

Worst Moment this week: Having to wait FOREVER at my Dr. appointment.  See yesterday’s post.  It wasn’t that terrible, but it was a long wait.

Movement: Baby has days where he or she moves a TON and then days where I don’t really feel anything.  Last night baby was moving side to side like a pinball in my tummy while I was trying to fall asleep.  But I don’t really mind.  It’s a nice reminder that everything is ok.  On the 4th of July we went to a BBQ with some friends and baby was moving a little in the evening, so some of the girls got to feel him or her move around and kick and do somersaults.  It’s so fun!

Food cravings/aversions:  Mmmmm, frozen yogurt from Yogurtland.  I love the tart flavors especially.  I like to mix plain tart with the passion fruit lemonade tart.  Then for toppings I add strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, Fruity Pebbles (trust me on this one!), a couple of gummy bears, and one or two sour gummy worms.  Oh what a treat!  No big aversions this week, though I did make skillet ziti for dinner one night and now I don’t want to touch the leftovers.  Blech!

Belly Button in or out?: Definitely in, but it is beginning to flatten just a little.

What I miss: The lake.  Specifically going to the lake on the 4th of July.  CO doesn’t have a whole lot of lakes nearby that you can swim in that aren’t freezing cold.  I miss Gravelly Lake and going to Howie and Patty’s for the 4th when I was a kid.  Oh, and the fireworks show that the Weyerhaeuser’s (yes, those Weyerhaeuser’s) would put on from their house across the lake every year.  The best ever!!

What I am looking forward to:  My mom is coming to visit in 2 weeks!!  She’ll be here for my baby shower.  I’m so excited to see her!

Milestones: Baby is getting fatter.  So is mom, but let’s not talk about that for now.  🙂  He or she is putting on some serious weight now.  All that cute baby fat piling on will make his or her skin not so transparent.  Baby has hair on the head now, but it’s white (crazy!) because there’s no pigment in it yet.  He or she is over a foot long and around a pound and a half!  And the face is almost fully formed.  It’s still tiny and needs some good chunky fat on it, but it’s mostly complete now!  Can’t wait to see my cute little baby!

Symptoms:  The usual.  Tired.  Chunky.  Lots of potty time.

And the BABY BUMP!!

From the front...


My bump. My bump my bump my bump. My bump my bump my bump. My lovely lady lump. Check it out.


Whoa mama. Gettin' big!


Weekly Update – 22 Weeks! June 25, 2010

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How far along?: 22 weeks!  And we are moving right along.

Maternity clothes: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just absolutely love maternity clothes.  It’s all in the comfort factor.  You’ll see what I’ve got on today.  It’s all maternity, and I’m so comfortable!

Stretch marks: Still none spotted yet, thank God! 

Sleep: I need more of it.  I was so tired yesterday, I could have gone to bed at 6pm.  But I stayed up till about 8:30 and was asleep by 9.  So nice!  Waking up in the middle of the night so much is not fun.  But I will say one of the best feelings in the world is waking up in the middle of the night to go potty and realizing that you still have 5 hours to sleep!  Happened to me last night.  Ahhhh.

Best moment this week: ULTRASOUND!!  Our ultrasound tech is amazing.  She’s super friendly and very personable.  And you can tell she knows her stuff.  First of all, we did not find out the sex of the baby.  There were no slip ups and we still have no idea what’s going on in there.  We got to see the four chambers of the heart and the bladder and the stomach and all sorts of things going on in there.  Everything looks good for the baby! 

There’s only one thing that looks bad for me… our baby is huge.  I mean 85th percentile huge.  Our tech took all sorts of measurements of the head, humerus, and femur, and from the looks of things our baby is either a week ahead, or it’s just really big.  Also, he or she is 1 pound and 3 ounces already.  Most babies are “almost a pound” by now.  Yeah.  We’ve got a big one in there.  Oh boy, or girl.

But, I can say with all honesty, a big baby usually means a healthy baby.  I’d much rather have this than have to worry about the baby being too small.  So yay.

We are going to get a CD of all the pictures in another couple of weeks, so I’ll post some of those then.

Worst Moment this week: Someone got ahold of my credit card information and racked up some fraudulent charges on our bank account.  That just sucks.  Our bank will take care of it, but we can’t even do anything till the charges clear.  Boooo.

Movement: Still feeling a lot of movement.  It comes and goes, but I feel it a lot while I’m sitting at my desk at work.  So fun!

Food cravings/aversions: I have been craving Seitan Buffalo Wings ever since we went to the WaterCourse last Friday.  They are just so good!  J thinks he may be able to figure out how to make them.  That would be awesome!!  Food aversions are so weird.  They come and go.  Like one day I won’t even be able to think of eating cheese and the next day I’ll be craving it.  But I don’t have any one thing that stays with me as an aversion.

Belly Button in or out?: Definitely in, but it is beginning to flatten just a little.

What I miss: Seitan Buffalo Wings.  Haha!  🙂  No, seriously, I miss having a lot of energy to get out and exercise or clean my entire house from top to bottom.  I still do those things, but it takes more effort now.

What I am looking forward to: Looking forward to a little bit of rest on Saturday, girls party at Kiffen’s Saturday night, an event for work on Sunday, and J’s baseball game Sunday night.  Should be a full weekend.  I will need some extra sleep Sunday night!!

Milestones: Baby is big.  I think I said this already.  Other than that, still truckin’ right along.

Symptoms: Feeling ligaments around the baby stretch and move a lot this week.  Other than that, hungry, tired, and baby movement are my symptoms.  Oh, and a little weirdly emotional.  The other night in bed I started laughing and crying at the same time.  Poor J didn’t know what to do.  Oh this pregnancy thing really screws you up.

And now for some pictures!!

From the front

Side view

And another side view of the bump!


Thanks for reading the blog!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  It’s supposed to be in the 80s or 90s here.  Oh goody.