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YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 6, 2012

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I think my sister will vouch for me that I am the type of person who can celebrate anything. ANYTHING.

I love to scream out of giddiness and have a good time for any reason that warrants it.

I celebrate my own achievements and blessings, and I celebrate those of others as much as my own. I love to see good things happen to good people! That may have something to do with being the youngest child.

For instance, today on the Ellen Degeneres show, the wonderful Ellen gave a brand new car AND $20,000 cash to a single mom who was really down on her luck. I cried. And make no mistake, they were tears of happiness. I was so happy for this woman I had never met that I cried and laughed for her good fortune. I also cry tears of joy when someone wins a great prize on the Price is Right. And I cry when I hear that one of my friends (who shall remain nameless) is dating another one of my friends (also nameless). Yes, all good news.

And I have something to celebrate myself today, as well.


That’s right, folks, my blood sugar test came out completely normal.

I will celebrate tonight with some delicious ice cream.


Again with the knee June 2, 2010

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Yesterday was my LAST physical therapy appointment! 

There’s just no reason for me to go in anymore, as I’ve progressed very well.  I still have exercises I should be doing at home, but the knee is good to go for now.

I’m pretty much back to normal.  My injured knee doesn’t quite have the same flexibility as my other knee, but my physical therapist, Chip, said that my other knee is especially loose and flexible.  So my injured knee will probably just take a little bit longer to catch up. 

For now I’ve got to keep up with my exercises at home.  And of course if I have any problems or questions or issues, I can call my PT guys anytime.

One thing Chip did say as a warning, however, is that I may have issues with my knee again in a couple of years.  That’s a very common thing.  But he also said that we can worry about that then because I’m fine where I’m at now.  I walk normal, I can jog, I’m fine with climbing stairs.  So I am done!  Yay!  It feels so good to have one less thing to concentrate on now.  I’ve got so many other projects and things to do before I have this baby that it’s good to put the knee on the back burner for a while.

On to baby news! 

I’m feeling especially cute today.  I picked out a new outfit from my friend Christina’s pregnancy wardrobe, and I think I’m rockin’ it pretty well.  🙂

Baby is now about 6 inches long and about 8 or so ounces.  Arms and legs are fully in proportion this week, and cartilage is turning into bone.  Neurons are also now connected between the brain and muscles.  Apparently he or she is the size of a mango this week, but baby looks more like a mango dipped in cheese because he or she is covered with vernix caseosa, which is a protective coating to keep baby’s skin nice and supple while he or she is soaking in the 9 month bath of amniotic fluid.  Gross.  And so sorry to those of you who were eating as you read that. 

So. Very.  Sorry.


Update on my knee May 3, 2010

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Well, it seems my knee is doing much better.  I went to my physical therapy appt. last Thursday and found out my knee is now at a 9 degree angle!  That’s a pretty good improvement!  It’s not even noticeable that I have a knee injury when I walk now. 

I still need to talk with my Dr. to see if he wants me to go in for an MRI, but it seems like my knee is getting better on its own.  What a relief!  Having surgery at this point would be a nightmare.  So we’re going to keep on praying that I continue to improve.  Amen.