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Words with Gunnar March 16, 2012

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Now that Gunnar is 16.5 months, he is finally talking. He talks a lot of nonsense, especially when we’re riding in the car. But he does know some actual words by now, and I thought I’d write them down just for fun.

Gunnar’s first word was, of course, Dada. He just LOVES to talk about Dada. Blah blah blah Dada blah blah…

Gunnar and his Dada

Gunnar and his Dada

His second word was “Yeah,” meaning yes. Also pronounced “Dah” on occasion, and usually accompanied by vigorous nodding of the head whenever referring to food.

His third word, and the one I count as his first real word was “Shoes.” He loves to talk about his shoes. Also loves to carry them around and stack them in different arrangements.

(Notice that I haven’t mentioned “Mama” yet. He said it once or twice pretty early on, but then was mum on the word for months. Yeah…)

Other words Gunnar knows, with their pronunciations in quotes:
Outside – “sigh”
Football – “fa-ah”
Ball – “bah”
Bird – “buh”
Book – “buh” (can’t tell the difference between this one and bird)
Socks – “socks” or “sos”
Some – “some” (always used in reference to food)
Down – “dun” or “duh”
What’s that? – “sat”
Show – “show” (as in, I want to watch a TV show)
Baby – “baby” or “behbeh”

And my personal fav:
Mama – “mama” (It’s about dang time I get some credit around here. This one is only used in situations of dire need or when Gunnar really wants to make mama happy. It’s definitely not an everyday word yet.)

Happy kiddo


My baby boy’s first black eye January 26, 2012

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Let’s just put it out there at the beginning of this post that the reason I’m calling this his “first” black eye is because the kid is so tough I am sure there will be more to come. He’s rough and tumble. A real boy’s boy. And I’m ok with that. I might freak out the first couple of times he has a black eye, but I’ll calm down once he’s old enough to tell me he’s “fine mom” in that sarcastic tone of voice every mother loves to hear.

So, my baby Gunnar got his first black eye yesterday. He was walking around the living room and happened to trip over some pillows, which landed his little face straight into the metal bar of¬† the couch. It’s covered in fabric, but the hit still broke the skin and caused a few drops of blood to fall. And he woke up with a little shiner under his eye this morning. Kid is tough!

You can't see it super well in this picture, but it's there. We'll see if it gets darker tomorrow. You know I'll be documenting it!

There’s no spot to record this milestone in his baby book, so I thought I’d do it right here on the blog. ūüôā Love my baby boy! He’s cute even with the damages to his face.

Now let me get on my high horse and tell you: THIS is why we don’t baby proof our house. I mean, sure I put glass things and daddy’s electronic toys out of reach, but that’s about it. Make the kitchen cabinets impossible to open? Nope. Cover the fireplace brick with soft foam padding? Nope. Put outlet covers on? Nope. (BTW, I asked my dear old dad, the electrician, about this. He said the kid will get a good shock, but they’re not going to die if they stick a pair of scissors in there. And that is how we teach our kids to not be idiots. Let ’em learn.)

We don’t baby proof our house all that much because kids are going to get hurt no matter what you do. There was nothing I could have done to prevent Gunnar from falling into the one and only dangerous spot on the couch. I actually didn’t even know that metal bar was there till yesterday.

Now, I’m all for safety and being careful, but I’m also all for letting kids figure things out on their own, and for teaching them that there are boundaries in life.

Also, I am totally for parental responsibility. You can’t just leave your kid alone in the kitchen to figure out on his own that it’s not a good idea to drink the Clorox.

And now, let me get off my high horse and say that in about three more months, I may eat crow and baby proof the whole dang house. I’ll be a little bit preoccupied with a new baby and may not be able to keep my eye on Gunnar 100% of the time. So we shall see how my attitude changes…


Making my own baby wipe solution January 9, 2012

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A few months ago I did something I said I would never do. I switched Gunnar to cloth diapers.

What was so funny to me at the time was that I said I would make the switch to cloth, but that I’d NEVER use cloth wipes. Hahaha! What’s the difference? You just throw those in the wash with the diapers and it’s easy peasy.

I have been doing both cloth diapers and wipes for a while now, and I can definitely say that disposable diapers and wipes can be much easier. BUT, the cost is really what drives me to stick with cloth. Plus, there are a lot less chemicals touching his skin and a lot less bulk going into landfills.

(Please don’t stop reading because you think I’m crazy now. I would have thought that a few months ago too. And BTW, I don’t judge anyone who uses disposables. I totally get it. It’s just plain easier.)

All that said… when I finally decided to use cloth wipes, I needed to come up with some sort of way I could keep water or a solution in a bottle next to the changing table so I didn’t have to run out of the room and leave Gunnar on top of the changing table while I wet down a wash cloth. So I started looking for home-made diaper wipe solutions. I ran across this website via my Google search and tried out the lavender and tea tree oil solution. And I LOVED it! Gunnar did too. The kid has had some pretty nasty diaper rash in his day. Disposable wipes always left him screaming. But this stuff has never irritated him at all.

So, without further doo-doo, here is the recipe I used…

1/8 cup olive oil
1 Tbl baby shampoo
4 drops tea tree essential oil
8 drops lavender essential oil
3 cups water

Combine it all and put it in a bottle. I used an old honey bear bottle. You could also use a ketchup or mustard bottle or even a spray bottle.

It’s as simple as that, folks! If you’ve got a little one, and you want to try cloth wipes, give this one a go!


Gunnar’s first snow! October 26, 2011

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First let me say we did hear the baby’s heartbeat at my Dr. appt. yesterday! So fun! About 150 beats per minute. Nice and healthy. Praise God!

It snowed today. All day. And I love the snow! So I decided to take Gunnar outside in the snow to try out his new snow suit and boots!

This is fun!

And then this happened…

This is not so fun!

I think Gunnar will like the snow when he can walk. Hopefully that will be in the next 2 months so he can play in the snow when we visit Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Les for Christmas!


The way I see things now that I’m a mama January 25, 2011

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Gunnar is three months old today.¬† Sooo, here’s how things have changed…

I¬†now scour¬†my town¬†for healthy restaurants with drive-thru’s.¬† Who wants to walk into a Chipotle with a baby carrier, only to walk out with a baby carrier AND a bag of food AND two drinks.¬† Yeah, not me.

Instead of circling the grocery store two or three times¬†to find the closest spot, I now circle the grocery store to find the closest spot to a shopping cart return stall thingy.¬† I can’t carry that heavy car seat all the way into the store.

I never thought I’d say this, but I actually understand the mama’s who leave their kids in the car when they’re only running into the store for a quick errand.¬† I’d never do it, but I totally get it.

I now make a point to hold open doors for pregnant ladies and gals with strollers.  Hello.  Consideration.

I see how much I’m willing to sacrifice for someone I love.¬† Like denying the Ice Cream much.¬† I love Gunnar a whole Baskin Robbins PB & Chocolate Ice Cream scoop worth.¬† Seriously kiddo.¬† Dairy sensitivity?¬† Couldn’t you have asked God to be sensitive to, oh, I don’t know, haggis?

I’ve had a water bottle next to me at all times since the day Gunnar came into the world.¬† Thirsty?¬† When you’re supplying two people’s water, it’s no joke.

I no longer¬†believe that¬†6:00 AM¬†is early.¬† And I’ve discovered I can smile at 3:00 AM when I’m woken up by a screaming child.¬† Because a screaming child means LIFE!

I really do think my kid is the cutest baby out there.  All other babies pale in comparison.  I only have eyes for him.  Well, and his daddy, but those are different eyes.

I can’t do it all, but I can do a lot.¬† Some days I feel like SuperMom, and other days¬†I feel like Super-needs-to-get-some-good-sleep-before-she-can-function-Mom.¬† But each and every day I am amazed at what the human body and mind can do.¬† Thank you God for creating us to be able to handle so much!

Before I had this kiddo, I figured I would worry a lot about every little cry or bump or tummy upset.¬† And I’m surprised that I just don’t.¬† Kids are made to withstand a whole lot, and as long as they’re in a loving environment, they’ll probably turn out just fine.

So that’s just a few things, but wow am I surprised at motherhood.¬† I just plain love it.


Look at our little smiler! January 20, 2011

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My Grandma June¬†had trouble opening this picture in her email, so I’m posting it here.

Love you Grams!

Look at our cute boy!


And now… a video! December 10, 2010

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Hot off the press.¬† This video is titled “Gunnar gives mama a surprise.”

I know, it’s sideways.¬† Tried to fix it but it wouldn’t work.¬† Turn your monitor 90 degrees and deal with it.

Click here!!