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Making my own baby wipe solution January 9, 2012

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A few months ago I did something I said I would never do. I switched Gunnar to cloth diapers.

What was so funny to me at the time was that I said I would make the switch to cloth, but that I’d NEVER use cloth wipes. Hahaha! What’s the difference? You just throw those in the wash with the diapers and it’s easy peasy.

I have been doing both cloth diapers and wipes for a while now, and I can definitely say that disposable diapers and wipes can be much easier. BUT, the cost is really what drives me to stick with cloth. Plus, there are a lot less chemicals touching his skin and a lot less bulk going into landfills.

(Please don’t stop reading because you think I’m crazy now. I would have thought that a few months ago too. And BTW, I don’t judge anyone who uses disposables. I totally get it. It’s just plain easier.)

All that said… when I finally decided to use cloth wipes, I needed to come up with some sort of way I could keep water or a solution in a bottle next to the changing table so I didn’t have to run out of the room and leave Gunnar on top of the changing table while I wet down a wash cloth. So I started looking for home-made diaper wipe solutions. I ran across this website via my Google search and tried out the lavender and tea tree oil solution. And I LOVED it! Gunnar did too. The kid has had some pretty nasty diaper rash in his day. Disposable wipes always left him screaming. But this stuff has never irritated him at all.

So, without further doo-doo, here is the recipe I used…

1/8 cup olive oil
1 Tbl baby shampoo
4 drops tea tree essential oil
8 drops lavender essential oil
3 cups water

Combine it all and put it in a bottle. I used an old honey bear bottle. You could also use a ketchup or mustard bottle or even a spray bottle.

It’s as simple as that, folks! If you’ve got a little one, and you want to try cloth wipes, give this one a go!


In other news… I like fajitas May 27, 2010

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FIRST OF ALL, I’D LIKE TO WISH MY MOM A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!  She’s the best.  I love you mom, call you later tonight.

So I thought I’d post something a little different here. 

I really like to cook, especially when we have people over who can enjoy it!  Last night we had our friends Joel and Keturah and their baby boy Atlee over for dinner.  I made one of my favs, chicken fajitas, and thought I’d share the recipe with ya’ll. 

(Yes, I’m a Northwest girl and I just said ya’ll.  Don’t judge me.)

I took these pictures sometime in January, but haven’t gotten the chance to post them until now.  You will see why I love cooking and why I HAVE to post this recipe when I show you my over the stove lighting…

Ok, totally amazing.  This thing has high beams AND low beams, and it makes everything look so darn tasty!

So anyway, on to the fajitas…

You need:

  • 2 good size chicken breasts
  • 2 limes
  • coriander
  • chili powder
  • chipotle chili powder (optional, but so good!)
  • 2-4 red, yellow, or orange peppers (the green are too bitter for my taste)
  • 1 red onion (such distinct flavor from the red, it’s my fav!)
  • tortillas, beans, sour cream, and whatever else you like to go on your fajitas

So, start by cutting the chicken into small, easily eatable pieces, and stick them in a bowl.

Add the juice from both limes to the chicken in the bowl.  Then add about a half a tablespoon of each of the spices.  If you like more spice, add more.  You can’t really go wrong with this dish.  Stir all the stuff around till it looks like this…


Let the chicken mixture sit for at LEAST 5 minutes.  If you want to let it sit for an hour or so in the fridge, that’s fine too. 

Next, get to chopping!  Slice the peppers and onion into thin strips.  Make them as thin and as similar as you can get, so they cook evenly.  Make the onion EXTRA thin, because it takes longer to cook.  Put the veggies aside on a plate.  They should look like this…

So colorful!  I love fajitas.

Put the chicken mixture into a very large pan that’s been heated to medium.  (A big pot will also work.)  Cook until the chicken is done.  It’s very important that you have some patience here.  If you cook it too fast, all the juices will evaporate and leave you with dry chicken and flavorless veggies.  So leave the heat on medium-ish till the chicken looks like so…

Or till Norm comes in to tell you he thinks it’s ready…

Uhhh, I thought I  heard my name.  Did someone call for Norm, party of one? 

When the chicken is cooked, add all the veggies, right on top.  Stir the mixture around, still on medium heat, until the veggies are crisp-tender.  Sometimes it’s helpful to use a lid at this point to sort of steam the veggies.  Feel free to use that method as well.  Just DO NOT over cook the veggies!  Trust me on this one. 

Once the veggies are done, serve immediately.  You don’t want things getting soggy in there.  You can serve with corn or flour tortillas, your favorite beans, rice, cheese, avocado, sour cream, salsa, or whatever your heart desires.

Nom nom nom…

I love this dish because it’s fairly easy, and so delish!  There are no seasoning packets involved, which means LOW sodium and no MSG.  And everything tastes fresh because it is fresh!

So there ya go.  My first blog recipe. 

Check back tomorrow for a Friday Update and preggo belly pictures!!